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We are ready to help you with every aspect of dealing with the NSW Building Appoval Process & the NSW Planning Portal.



Here at Planning Portal Solutions, we manage the entire process for submitting applications. We will start with initial CDC check to assess what your project requires. We then manage your project for Development Applications, Constructions Certificates, Complying Development Certificates, PC appointment & Occupation Certificates. We will help in every aspect of your project submission and will assist you until you commence building works.

We can also assist in the new OC application (ITSOC, ECN, OC) requiements of the portal for class 2 and 9C developments

Right now, we see that as many as 35% of all projects going through the Planning Portal NSW uses experience delays. These usually come about through issues like incorrect formatting, missing information, or even entire missing documents. Fixing these issues is a lengthy and costly process, so we help manage the whole process to save you time & money.


The Planning Portal NSW is complicated enough creating added stress trying to navigate it, while also managing your documentation. Planning Portal Solutions has the staff and experience you need to navigate the complete approval process.

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